Religious and Professional Beliefs of Teachers [RebeL]

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[Religiöse und berufsbezogene Überzeugungen von Lehrkräften]

Principal Investigators: Manfred Pirner, Stephan Kröner, Annette Scheunpflug (Universität Bamberg)
Staff: Marcus Penthin, Alexander Christ, Nastja Häusler
Period: 2018-2020
Funding: DFG







How do religious or ideological orientations of teachers affect their professional thinking and acting? There is a serious research deficit regarding this question, especially in Europe and Germany. Therefore, we follow the question of how the religiosity of teachers affects their professional tasks – whether as a supporting resource or as a problematic disruptive factor. To pursue this question, we – building up on pilot studies for the development of suitable scales –take an exemplary look on the focus on religiosity and the religious beliefs in a greater invested study with teachers and investigate their connections with professional convictions.


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