Integration by Empowerment of Parents – A Design-Based-Research-Project [IdEE]

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[IdEE: Integration durch Empowerment Erziehender]

Principal Investigators: Stephan Kröner
Staff: Verena Wießnet
Cooperation partner: GGFA Erlangen
Period: 2019-2022
Funding: European Union, European Social Fund and Bavarian State Ministry of Family, Employment and Social Affairs


Many women in Germany are single parents, unemployed and without a well-founded professional qualification. How can their quality of life be improved, and at the same time, their professional integration achieved? How can they get involved in processes of empowerment? In a design-based research (DBR) project, we are evaluating and accompanying an intervention aimed at this target group, sponsored by the European Social Fund (ESF). The aim of the project is to develop and document good practice in the application of “group conferencing” as a method of empowerment. We pursue this aim by applying multiple coupled DBR cycles.



Kröner, S. & Wießnet, V. (2022). Sachbericht zum ESF-Projekt Integration durch Empowerment Erziehender.