Reading, Creative Writing and Painting as Leisure Activity of Primary School Children with and without a Migratory Background – an Interdisciplinary Project for the Interaction of Curricular and Extracurricular Surroundings

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[LSM: Lesen, kreatives Schreiben und Malen als Freizeitbeschäftigung von Grundschulkindern mit und ohne Migrationshintergrund – ein interdisziplinäres Projekt zu Wechselwirkungen von schulischen und außerschulischen Umwelten]

Management: Stephan Kröner
Associates: Volker Frederking, Susanne Liebmann-Wurmer
Staff: Elisabeth M. Schüller


To which extent do primary school children with and without a migratory background use reading and writing competencies as well as artistic-creative competencies that they have acquired in school in their leisure time? Which behavioral, normative, and control beliefs  predict the extent of leisure reading, writing and artistic-creative activities? The aim of the proposed project is a longitudinal study of these questions. Effects of beliefs, gender and socio-economic status are studied on an individual level. Features of quality of instruction are added on class level. The results of the project are meant to serve as a starting point for the development of measures to support reading, writing and artistic-creative design as leisure activity.


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