Digital Transformation and Empowerment

Technological advances are changing our everyday lives at a stunning pace. Thus, it becomes increasingly important that citizens master digital technologies and learn how to harness them for pursuing their own goals. This process of digital empowerment may particularly encourage children and adolescents to use new technologies for the benefit of their peers and society as a whole. The non-formal education sector lies full of potential for digital empowerment. A suitable starting point is the ever-growing maker movement. In our research, we explore how young people may be inspired to engage in digital making and how to design low-threshold and motivating non-formal making environments.

Human Rights and Environmental Rights are intertwined.
As educational researchers from Nuremberg, the modern City of Human Rights and a medieval hub of sustainable forest management, we feel a special responsibility to advance empirical research on these issues in forthcoming projects, including our partners at FAU, Markus Beckmann (Corporate Sustainability Management), Heiner Bielefeldt (Human Rights and Human Rights Politics) Markus Krajewski (Public International Law), and at the Institute of Geography.