Determinants of Musical Activities in Primary School Age

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[Determinanten musikalischer Aktivitäten im Grundschulalter]

Management: Stephan Kröner
Period: 2012-2013
: Eva S. Fritzsche, Marcus Penthin


Musical activities are an important aspect of cultural participation, however, quantitative-empirical studies of determinants of musical activities in primary school age are rare. This interdisciplinary project focuses on determinants of musical activities in primary school students based on the theory of planned behavior. The project addresses effects of (a) the intrinsic value of musical activities as an aspect of attitude (“joy of playing a musical instrument”), (b) the musical affinity of parents and friends as aspects of the subjective norm and (c) the musical self-concept as the subjective perception of the own musical competencies in terms of the perceived behavioral control. As first step, a pilot study with qualitative elements and approximately = 190 primary school children has been conducted. Secondly, a quantitative study with approximately = 600 primary school children has been carried out.


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