Further Projects in Educational Research

Beyond our main research foci, we work on various further projecs which belong to the field of empirical educational research in the broader sense. They concern topics such as professionalization in higher education, and determinants as well as academic outcomes of positive and negative emotional experience in students and graduates. In many of these projects, we scrutinize the role of basic personality traits and characteristic adaptations including personal goals. The projects aim at identifying starting points for the optimization of teaching and learning processes.

How do religious or ideological orientations of teachers affect their professional thinking and acting?
There is a serious research deficit regarding this question, especially in Europe and Germany.
Therefore, we follow the question of how the religiosity of teachers affects their professional tasks - whether as a supporting resource or as a problematic disruptive factor.
To pursue this question, we – building up on pilot studies for the development of suitable scales –take an exemplary look on the focus on religiosity and the religious beliefs in a greater invested study with teachers and investigate their connections with professional convictions.

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In spite of academic reforms aiming at shorter study periods, there are still students exceeding the specified course duration. Thus, it is of great interest for university managers to know where the causes for exceeding the specified course duration can be found, in order to be able to take appropriate measures.
In a first sub-project, reasons for exceeding the standard period of study were identified and systematized in order to develop questionnaires for the collection of relevant causes.
For this purpose, reasons for long study times emerging from the literature were systematized and categorized. As a further source for the categorization, qualitative data (N = 565) from a student survey...



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